Lego Pirates:Top Rated Wii Games

Is Lego Pirates Worthy Of Being One Of Top Rated Wii Games?

top rated wii gamesPirates Of Caribbean Wii Game which was just released in Mid May 2011 is one of Matthew’s Top Rated Wii Games. I just noticed that it is #1 in Video Games-Wii Action on Amazon . As you know from the Lego Batman Wii post, Matthew is enthralled with the Lego Batman Wii game. Matthew is also a big fan of Pirates of Caribbean movie, so this was an easy sell for us.

A very focused Matthew, says he likes this Top Rated Wii Game but it is a little difficult. As you can see from the video below, Matthew is somewhat amused by scenes from Pirates. Matthew is so absorbed in the scene that he can hardly answer my questions. I love the concentration. Take it to First Grade next year, please!

LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean is an adventure and action game that brings the Pirates of the Caribbean world and all its vivid characters to life in LEGO Brick form. Players will experience all the unforgettable scenes from the first three films, also including the upcoming fourth film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. LEGO Video Games style is amusing and offbeat which also contributes to it being one of Matthew’s Top Rated Wii Games!

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==>Buy Lego Pirates One of Matthew’s Top Rated Wii Games<==

Lego Pirates Wii Game

  • Flexibility- single or dual play
  • Challenge exploring various locations, 70 characters, 20 levels
  • Use your pirate boy or girl smarts to find treasures.
  • Unlock freeplay.

We have not experienced any issues or quirks. Matthew was able to start right away as he was familiar with the Lego Style. Every time you make an achievement in the game,such as completing a level, you watch part of the Lego version of the movie. That is really cool as you are actually watching the entire Pirates of the Caribbean movie done with Lego characters.

As a viewer and Matthew’s mother, I was amused and intrigued by the game. And I delighted in his thrill of adventure and fun. There was nothing complicated, violent,scary about it. It was worth the wait for sure. For any Lego video game players,just get it!

As you can see in the Matthew’s video, he plays the game as if he is part of the movie! This game has kept him entertained as well as challenged for hours. That is NOT an easy task, so we recommend this as one of his Top Rated Wii Games.

==>Buy Lego Pirates One of Matthew’s Top Rated Wii Games<==




Lego Batman Wii

Is Lego Batman Worth It?

lego Batman WiiWith Matthew’s hard earned “tokens” for following the rules at home, he purchased Lego Batman Game the videogame. In a short month, I feel he has spent his money well. The game has caught his attention better than any of his other  Top Rated Wii Games Without question, Lego Batman is Matthew’s favorite and Top rated Wii Game. Each morning, Matthew starts off with Lego Batman, and each evening it end with it as well.

I am okay with it all, as it really makes him happy, teaches him sportsmanship, and tenacity. The Lego Games also require thinking and problem solving. At first, he told me that the game was too easy.

But as he progressed, Matthew started getting real frustrated, even requesting my help. I tell him ole Granny here is clueless. Stick to it and you will figure it out. Sometime later, he confessed that he moved to next level as he had figured “it” out, whatever that is!  Lego Batman WII is somewhat challenging for a 6 year old, but certainly is playable.

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If you are into the Legi Wii Games, such as Star Wars we are sure you will enjoy this one as well. This game is for everyone of all ages. (accept me, lol).  From what I have seen with Matthew’s babysitter and his friends parents playing Lego Batman Wii with him, if you are not fond of the other Lego Games, you probably will not enjoy this one. The animated LEGO movie links to the gaming threads are wicked and wild. They are worth the purchase on these merits alone.

The game includes 15 levels as the good guys and 15 levels as villains. There is tons of action, which is great after a long day of Kindegarten! It is designed for standard two-player, drop-in/out cooperative play. But Matthew often plays alone. He really enjoys building and driving Lego versions of cool vehicles like the Batmobile, Batboat and the Batwing.

Lego Batman Wii Game

  • Interesting and new puzzles to solve.
  • Each villain has a story arc to unlock before free play is possible.
  • Replay value is high, you can return to the story setting later.
  • Customization a character for free play.
  • Great sense of humor unique to the Lego series.
  • A good mix of destruction and problem solving.


==>Get Lego Batman Wii Game Here<==


On the downside there is some unexpected violence. But matthew has not demonstrated any of that violence in real life, so it is nothing that concerns me. However, Matthew likes that if “he” dies he shows up again. A hardcore gamer might not appreciate this. But in our opinion, LEGO games are good for young kids as there are few consequences to dying. Your character just puts himself back together and moves on.


Overall, Lego Batman Wii is a fantastic game. Furthermore, it is certainly affordable especially if your child is buying iy himself or herself. It can be purchased for under $15!


Matt Loves Hits on Just Dance 2 Song List

Just Dance 2 Song  List is Awesome

just dance 2 song listHeres the Just Dance 2 song list that we groove to almost daily. While it is not Matthew’s favorite game, given his compeitive nature, it’s our favorite family game. We have tons of laughs and a great time for family bonding.We dance hip hop, latin, disco, techno, and electronic.

I was so clueless about wii games. I thought tht you neded a big fancy TV to utilize WII Games. Consequently, I put off buying one for Matthew and his sister Loren. When our babysitter showed up with her Wii machine, we were all hooked! They could play for hours enjoying one another’s company. Finally,last Christmas, Santa gave them a Wii, along with Just Dance 2. Thanks to Mama and Papa. Wink Wink.

<==Get Just Dance 2 Song List and Game Here==>

I am forty- something, Matthew is now 6 and his sister Loren, almost 9 years old. We LOVE it. We play “duet” mode or Party Mode.  It has 45 hits on Just Dance Song List ,plus downloadable songs–from different genres, as well as the hottest dance moves of today. We will not be getting tired of those 45 songs anytime soon.

I am not much of a dancer and was a little intimidated at first. But our laughter soon released my awkwardness! And tt really takes just seconds to learn. I felt like you I was dancing with an aerobics instructor! Some of the moves are very funny, almost hilarious actually. The graphics and colors are well done and entertaining.

      [trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”640″ height=”385″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video]


Just Dance 2 Wii

  • You will be so relaxed after dancing, sweating, and laughing.
  • Play with the entire family or half your class! Up to 8 players.
  • accurate movement recognition by the Wii Remote
  • Just Dance 2 is a workout in disguise
  • Energize yourself and Calm your kids!
  • Enjoy dance moves choreographed by real experts to every style of music, including rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, and world beat.

No matter what mood I am in Just Dance 2 is the solution for a little cardio workout, Just Sweat It Off, Party Mode with Matthew and Loren, hanging out with a girlfriend! I like that the game is about pure fun! No levels. Scores do not matter with this one! the scoring is not that precise and is kind of pointless – there’s nothing to “unlock” by getting a high score.

Speaking of scores, Matthew is now hollering at me to help him with Batman The Brave and The Bold. He needs to get through the door in the cave. I did it one time for him; but of course, I have NO idea how I accomplished that. Nothing to worry about in Just Dance- just simple, great fun. I hate Matthew’s tears of frustration over levels and getting “killed”.

The only negative is that you cannot be too lazy to get off the sofa. Actually, even if you do not want to shake your booty, it is hilarious to watch others enjoy Just Dance 2!  If you want milder lyrics, then check out Just Dance for 4 players.

I know that Just Dance has got America dancing! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game for EVERYONE who wants to have fun and feel good!! Young, old, fat, thin, fit, unfit. Just Get It! The #1 Best Selling Music/Rhythm Game Wii keeps the party going with an all-star track list, the hottest dance moves,and a brand new beat for everyone to enjoy. So turn up the volume because it’s time to dance to one of the hits Just Dance 2 Song List.


<==Get Just Dance 2 Song List and Game Here==>




Matthew and I Welcome You

This is a working mom blog about life with Matthew a 6 year old boy, who is somewhat like a modern day Dennis The Menace! Matthew is loving, energetic, and mischievous.  He also must be the most inquisitive young boy around.  Perhaps, like me, you have a young child or grandchild asking many questions that you cannot answer? I will share some of Matthew’s kids questions and some of my answers with I found many much help from the internet.

Matthew enjoys animals, especially our dogs,wii games, swimming, yoga, reading, video, humor.  We will also share our adventures, weekly insights, kids activities, and family friendly product reviews.

Thank you for stopping by….



About Matthew

Matthew is a loving, precocious, inquisitive 6 year old boy.  He is also somewhat like a modern day Dennis the Menace as you will discover!  Matthew enjoys swimming,  playing wii games, practicing yoga, making fun videos.  He likes “working” as a greeter at Krispy Kreme, a dog walker, and owner of a lemonade stand.





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