Musically App Best Free Music Application

Children are forever creating. With imaginations that have no end, there’s nothing they won’t at least try. With technology the way it is currently, kids are able to create as soon as they are coordinated enough to tap a screen and understand what that tapping does. For Matt, that means making music videos.

What child doesn’t lock themselves in their room and lip sync as they jam out to their favorite band? Music, no matter the genre, is this pervasive force that affects us long before we’re even born. Therefore it’s not surprising that so many kids exhibit bounce dances long before they’re even able to walk. So is how it was with Matt.

Matt loves music. It doesn’t matter who sings it. It doesn’t matter where it’s from. It doesn’t matter what it’s about. So long as it has a tune, Matt is hooked. He’ll listen to songs on repeat for months at a time, memorizing even the smallest details that he’ll happily recite from memory (whether he’s asked to or not).

Initially, playing the songs were enough to keep him happy. He’d spend hours reenacting imagined music videos in front of his bedroom mirror, performing for the screaming fans in his head. Luckily, with an outlet nearby, the phone he used as his jukebox always had enough juice to keep going as long as he did.

In the end, though, his creativity began to grow. Eventually he discovered the video camera function and began filming himself, putting together little music videos that quickly ended up eating the memory on my phone. He’d try and share them but sharing proved difficult since most social apps have strict limitations to the videos that get posted.

It was then that I started looking around for solutions for him. There had to be a way for him to share his music videos with the world. What could possibly be the best free music app out there today?

get musically

After a quick search, I came across the app. Available on both iPhones and Androids, this miracle app was exactly what I was looking for. It’s a social media app that specifically allows users to quickly and easily create and share their music videos. Even better was the fact that it came with its own music library so Matt didn’t have to work too hard to sync both his music and his videos. On top of this, the videos made can immediately be edited in the app, letting Matt add things like slow motion and special filters. As soon as he’s done, he posts the videos to his other accounts. It’s simple, fast and easy to use. Matt absolutely adores it.

If you’re on the lookout for the best music app, free is your answer. Download today and unleash your own latent talents.