Matthew’s Dinosaur Video and All My Friends Are Dead Book

Matthew’s Dinosaur Video

dinosaur videoAs you may gather, Matthew has a terrific sense of humor. When I came across Matthew’s Dinosaur Video created by Loren,his sister and him, I burst into tears from too much laughter. It sort of reminded me of Robin Williams from Mrs. Doubtfire. That happens to be one of Matthew’s favorite movies. His sister and he watch it several times while at their grandparents back East.

Enjoy the Dinosaur Video below.




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I did pick up a book for Matthew after seeing the Dinosaur Video. It is called All My Friends Are Dead. This book depicts the down side of being anything from a Dinosaur to a tree.It is cute and dark at the same time. Just like Matthew’s humor. The three of us roared with laughter for hours on end.


All My Friends Are Dead