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Lumosity Reviews

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 Lumosity Reviews. Several months ago our family therapist recommended Lumosity for both of my children and for me. It is pretty safe to say that they are all ADD or ADHD. The good news is that in 2011 there is worldwide knowledge of ADD and ADHD. And there are many drug free solution such as Lumosity.

Lumosity was developed by cognitive psychology and neuroscience experts from Stanford and UCSF. It is a top rated brain fitness program. However,it is always a good idea to check with your pediatrician or family therapist regarding any new ideas such as Lumosity. But who could not use better brain power?

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Scientifically designed games and regular training. Free Trial.


Lumosity Reviews

  • Enjoy faster and clearer thinking.
  • No fighting over Wii games,
  • Have better concentration in school,work, or car.
  • Be more alert and aware.
  • Enjoy a better memory.
  • Be in a better mood.
  • Enjoy calmness.
  • Get a free trial of this brain fitness program.
  • Monthly fee starts at under $7.
  • It is fun!
  • Can be canceled anytime.

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Matthew and Loren absolutely love the challenge and fun of Lumosity games. There is NO fighting over which Wii game to play,as they have access to Lumosity at all times. Both of their teachers have reported better focus and concentration in the classroom. That is something I never had!

Lumosity Reviews has me convinced that people of all walks of life,regardless of hyperactivity or attention deficit order, can benefit for Lumosity. I understand why 98 percent of the Lumosity users report positive results with this brain game. It is wonderful to know that there are already 14 million users.

So rather than running your kids all around town from one activity to another, Lumosity Reviews suggests that you get Lumosity. Try it for free for one month. This game does not require any gas,sports uniform,or a rigid schedule. Your child’s brains fitness is a top priority! This brain game costs ALOT less than a new Wii,a monthly Netflix membership, or a new Barbie Doll.


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