Lego Batman Wii

Is Lego Batman Worth It?

lego Batman WiiWith Matthew’s hard earned “tokens” for following the rules at home, he purchased Lego Batman Game the videogame. In a short month, I feel he has spent his money well. The game has caught his attention better than any of his other  Top Rated Wii Games Without question, Lego Batman is Matthew’s favorite and Top rated Wii Game. Each morning, Matthew starts off with Lego Batman, and each evening it end with it as well.

I am okay with it all, as it really makes him happy, teaches him sportsmanship, and tenacity. The Lego Games also require thinking and problem solving. At first, he told me that the game was too easy.

But as he progressed, Matthew started getting real frustrated, even requesting my help. I tell him ole Granny here is clueless. Stick to it and you will figure it out. Sometime later, he confessed that he moved to next level as he had figured “it” out, whatever that is!  Lego Batman WII is somewhat challenging for a 6 year old, but certainly is playable.

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If you are into the Legi Wii Games, such as Star Wars we are sure you will enjoy this one as well. This game is for everyone of all ages. (accept me, lol).  From what I have seen with Matthew’s babysitter and his friends parents playing Lego Batman Wii with him, if you are not fond of the other Lego Games, you probably will not enjoy this one. The animated LEGO movie links to the gaming threads are wicked and wild. They are worth the purchase on these merits alone.

The game includes 15 levels as the good guys and 15 levels as villains. There is tons of action, which is great after a long day of Kindegarten! It is designed for standard two-player, drop-in/out cooperative play. But Matthew often plays alone. He really enjoys building and driving Lego versions of cool vehicles like the Batmobile, Batboat and the Batwing.

Lego Batman Wii Game

  • Interesting and new puzzles to solve.
  • Each villain has a story arc to unlock before free play is possible.
  • Replay value is high, you can return to the story setting later.
  • Customization a character for free play.
  • Great sense of humor unique to the Lego series.
  • A good mix of destruction and problem solving.


==>Get Lego Batman Wii Game Here<==


On the downside there is some unexpected violence. But matthew has not demonstrated any of that violence in real life, so it is nothing that concerns me. However, Matthew likes that if “he” dies he shows up again. A hardcore gamer might not appreciate this. But in our opinion, LEGO games are good for young kids as there are few consequences to dying. Your character just puts himself back together and moves on.


Overall, Lego Batman Wii is a fantastic game. Furthermore, it is certainly affordable especially if your child is buying iy himself or herself. It can be purchased for under $15!