A Collector’s Dream: Lego 10179

Lego 10179

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lego 10179

Matthew just asked me if I could buy the Lego 10179 for his Birthday. Yes, of course if I win the lottery. Matthew is just starting to learn the value of money. When I told him how much it cost, he said no Mommy, save your money so you can be a billionaire like Mama. LOL.

Why would you want it in your home? Well, it’s the Millenium Falcon. It’s fantastic, it is Lego. Also it is one of the coolest things you could have in your home. Also Lego 10179 for sale on this very page.

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Actually, the Lego Set 10179 is recommended for ages 16 and up. So maybe if Matthew saves $20 a month for the next ten years, he can buy one himself. The purpose of this post it to review the Lego 10179 which is Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon.


Lego 10179

  • 5,000 Lego pieces
  • Keeps your teenager out of trouble.
  • Takes two adults 50 hours to reconstruct.
  • Utilize your organizational skills. and
  • Practice discipline.
  • Nice bonding time with your family member or friend.
  • Less expensive then a car for your new driver.
  • Enjoy a “traditional” toy, rather than a video game.
  • Enjoy most iconic vessel in the Star Wars universe
  • Replay your favorite scenes.
  • Test your skills as a pilot.

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One down side is the extra pieces they give you. Many of the extra pieces are of no importance to the construction, but simply accent. The other real downside to the Lego 10179 is the cost at around $2k, depending on where you purchase it. For some people money is no object when it comes to their passions. Or start saving $20 a month for 10 years and it is yours!

I highly suggest that you clear a large clean area for construction. Group all the pieces before you start the actual build. Also keep younger kids and pets away from Lego 10179, or face frustration of losing that one piece that makes all the difference.

The Lego 10179 is gigantic, spectacular, and movie-accurate. It is the ultimate center piece of any Star Wars or Lego collection. So if this is your passion, go for it. You will have it for years to come. It truly is A Lego Collector’s Dream!





Click Here For Lego Star Wars 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon