Matt Loves Hits on Just Dance 2 Song List

Just Dance 2 Song  List is Awesome

just dance 2 song listHeres the Just Dance 2 song list that we groove to almost daily. While it is not Matthew’s favorite game, given his compeitive nature, it’s our favorite family game. We have tons of laughs and a great time for family bonding.We dance hip hop, latin, disco, techno, and electronic.

I was so clueless about wii games. I thought tht you neded a big fancy TV to utilize WII Games. Consequently, I put off buying one for Matthew and his sister Loren. When our babysitter showed up with her Wii machine, we were all hooked! They could play for hours enjoying one another’s company. Finally,last Christmas, Santa gave them a Wii, along with Just Dance 2. Thanks to Mama and Papa. Wink Wink.

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I am forty- something, Matthew is now 6 and his sister Loren, almost 9 years old. We LOVE it. We play “duet” mode or Party Mode.  It has 45 hits on Just Dance Song List ,plus downloadable songs–from different genres, as well as the hottest dance moves of today. We will not be getting tired of those 45 songs anytime soon.

I am not much of a dancer and was a little intimidated at first. But our laughter soon released my awkwardness! And tt really takes just seconds to learn. I felt like you I was dancing with an aerobics instructor! Some of the moves are very funny, almost hilarious actually. The graphics and colors are well done and entertaining.

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Just Dance 2 Wii

  • You will be so relaxed after dancing, sweating, and laughing.
  • Play with the entire family or half your class! Up to 8 players.
  • accurate movement recognition by the Wii Remote
  • Just Dance 2 is a workout in disguise
  • Energize yourself and Calm your kids!
  • Enjoy dance moves choreographed by real experts to every style of music, including rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, and world beat.

No matter what mood I am in Just Dance 2 is the solution for a little cardio workout, Just Sweat It Off, Party Mode with Matthew and Loren, hanging out with a girlfriend! I like that the game is about pure fun! No levels. Scores do not matter with this one! the scoring is not that precise and is kind of pointless – there’s nothing to “unlock” by getting a high score.

Speaking of scores, Matthew is now hollering at me to help him with Batman The Brave and The Bold. He needs to get through the door in the cave. I did it one time for him; but of course, I have NO idea how I accomplished that. Nothing to worry about in Just Dance- just simple, great fun. I hate Matthew’s tears of frustration over levels and getting “killed”.

The only negative is that you cannot be too lazy to get off the sofa. Actually, even if you do not want to shake your booty, it is hilarious to watch others enjoy Just Dance 2!  If you want milder lyrics, then check out Just Dance for 4 players.

I know that Just Dance has got America dancing! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game for EVERYONE who wants to have fun and feel good!! Young, old, fat, thin, fit, unfit. Just Get It! The #1 Best Selling Music/Rhythm Game Wii keeps the party going with an all-star track list, the hottest dance moves,and a brand new beat for everyone to enjoy. So turn up the volume because it’s time to dance to one of the hits Just Dance 2 Song List.


<==Get Just Dance 2 Song List and Game Here==>