Heaven Is For Real Book

Heaven Is For Real Book Review

heaven is for real bookHeaven Is For Real Book. Matthew has endless questions about God, Devil, good, and bad., so when I came across the book “Heaven Is For Real” I grabbed it quickly. It’s a heart warming story about a 4 year old boy’s visit to heaven.

The Heaven Is For Real Book  is based on Coltons trip to heaven while he was on an emergency room surgery table. While on the table physically, he views his family suffering their loss. Colton survives the operation. Years later slowly he shares information about his trip to heaven. He meets family members and provides details otherwise unknown to him.

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The boy Colton talks about meeting Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist. He says no one is wearing glasses. That is truly amazing to hear because Matthew has asked many times if God wears glasses,..if God smokes, if God wears shorts or long pants. The boy depictions have really helped Matthew understand what may lie ahead.

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Matthew recently lost a young friend, a kindergartner named Johnny. Johnny was accidently killed by a firearm. His 11 year old uncle thought it was a “toy”. Naturally Matthew is overwhelmed with emotion,anger and sadness about the sudden loss of the “best kindergartner” in his school. I believe the Heaven Is For Real Book gave Matthew some comfort in knowing Johnny is in Heaven and waits for all of his family and friends. We recommend this book for anyone who is going through a grieving process.

If you are looking at Heaven Is For Real Book as real theological thought or in a real critical way about an afterlife or the end of the earth,it is probably not for you. It’s a wonderful heart warming story about familial love and caring for other people in difficult times. Then not mention, the Grace of God no matter what your religion is is evident in the story.

We bought the nice keep forever Heaven Is For Real Book hardback edition which is perfect for a special gift. It includes a presentation page as well as color photograph section with 16 pictures. Also there is a guide about “Reflecting on Heaven” which adds to the reader’s book experience. Of course, the Kindle edition is available which can be read on your Kindle or Kindle Fire, Amazon Tablet.

Is Heaven Is For Real  Book for REAL? That is NOT what this Heaven Is For Real Review about. Rather will your children,child, and you enjoy the book. Will it give you that good feeling feeling. In Matthew’s opinion and mine. Absolutely YES.

The bottom line of this Heaven Is For Real Book is that it made us cry,laugh,smile, and contemplate. Isn’t that what a book is “suppose” to do?

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