Free Patriotic Paracord Bracelet

Best Survival Bracelet Red White and Blue Paracord Bracelet

Patriotic Paracord Bracelets

Patriotic Paracord Bracelets


To start of this patriotic paracord survival bracelet review, I am totally impressed by Survival Frog, the company that sells survival gear including the patriotic paracord bracelet. By accident,my mother placed duplicate orders. Rather than just assume we wanted two of them,they emailed us to confirm if we wanted one or two of them. Now that’s great custom service in my eyes!

Show your loyalty and respect for the USA. But simultaneously be ready for an emergency. Paracord possesses hundreds of survival uses. With the bracelet  you will have 10 feet of it on your wrist.


==>>Get your Free Patriotic Paracord Bracelet<<==

What is the use of a Paracord Survival Bracelet?

The Patriot Bracelet Could Save Your Life

  • 10 feet of 550 lb strength paracord, if unraveled
  • More than hundred survival uses; video & PDF included
  • Bracelet is 8.5 inches long, when buckle is clipped
  • Fits most men and women wrists
  • You can also attach to backpack, keychain
  • Built-in Safety Whistle


==>>Get your Free Patriotic Paracord Bracelet<<==

For the simply reason that this Paracord bracelet support our troops, you should buy it. For every free bracelet ordered, a donation is made to the Wounded Warrior

Project. Over $4,773.70 already donated to our soldiers!

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